Getting Older is a Bummer…But What’s the Alternative?

Potentialities logoAs I emerge into my early seventies, it is inevitable that I embark upon a quest to understand the question: “How can I minimize the process of aging, cope with the inevitable onslaught of limitations and maintain a quality of life?”

Assaulted with TV and Net ads featuring forty something actresses applying skin care cream to wrinkles, I am acutely aware that my physical self is beyond prevention.  Experiencing the degradation of gravity causing the spread of fat, heavier facial features punctuated with a turkey neck and crinkled cleavage, I am not a pretty sight mirrored against today’s air brushed models and Botox consumers.

I have no choice but to except that it is just part of the life cycle, that aging will bring physical changes to my body and brain.  If this is the case then what can I do about it?

Part of my exploration is to discern, how to ask the right questions?  I hear conflicting reports about how much physical exercise is beneficial to staying healthy.  Physical exercise is only a part of the package to retain functionality. What are the other components that interact in the body to maintain physical as well as mental health?  How important is it for me to have social and spiritual connections in my life?  What aspects in my life support the continuance of mental agility and memory?  How can I work at retaining my cognitive abilities such as reasoning, abstract thinking, and verbal skills?

I realize that I live in a miraculous age of technological devices which can support and replace functions which may be damaged due to aging or disability. Nowadays it is not outlandish to wear glasses or use a hearing aid which has become as commonplace as using a blue tooth device.

Gradually it is becoming more socially acceptable to use other technological supports to make our lives better.  The use of a devise can make the difference between keeping employment and being able to stay in the work world even as a volunteer.  These new assistive devices can make it possible for individuals to remain independent and feel useful in their daily lives. On this site I will post descriptions of assistive technology products which are accessible and help the individual compensate for a function which has become impaired.

As I embark on this journey through books, web sites, articles and interviews, I feel like a Star Trek explorer reporting back to you, the Mother Ship.  I have never been 69 years young before.  I anticipate that each day will be a series of new and challenging discoveries which I would like to share with you.  In turn, I hope you will feel free to contribute and describe your experiences on the various blog topics.