Lois S. Levine-Elman, M.S.

1993-Present. Potentialities.

  • Advocacy for individuals with special needs and their families.
  • Recommend assistive devices and changes in the environment to increase function.
  • Develop digital, educational materials for individuals with disabilities.

“Quality of Life” Courses for Older Adults

spring 2009. spring 2010 Delaware County Community College, Media PA. Elder Week.  Presented program titled, “Strength Training for the Mind.”

spring 2009, fall 2008, spring 2008, fall 2007.  Mainline Night School. Radnor PA.  Life-Long Learning.

  • Designed and teach course titled, “Brain Fitness:  Memory and Creativity.”
  • Present information on the need for cognitive stimulation to maintain “brain health.”
  • Talk about the ways in which assistive technologies can make positive changes by increasing participation in activities.
  • Discuss techniques to cope with the mental and physical changes affecting memory.
  • Use works of art to demonstrate how the human brain organizes sensory images, forms memories and creates illusions.
  • Construct techniques to read critically, increase attention and recall content.

spring 2007, fall 2006.  School House Senior Center.  Folsom PA.  Life-Long Learning.

  • Designed and taught course titled, “Stress, Memory and The Creative Spirit.”
  • Discussed the relationship of stress to memory and ways in which participating in creative activities can relieve stress.
  • Emphasized the relationship of attitude to cognitive functioning and physical and mental health.

Also co-led a mystery book discussion group held monthly for two years.

spring 2006.  Widener University OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute, Exton PA.

winter 2006.  Presbyterian Retirement Village, Lakeland Fl.  Life-long Learning.

  • Designed and taught course titled, “Creativity.”
  • Explored the components of creative activities using examples from the arts including the works of well-known fine and graphic artists.

 Online College Teaching and Course Design

2003, 2002, 2001, Ursinus College, NetGain Program. (used WebStudy: the proprietary software, carried by the public educational channel, WHYY)  Collegeville, PA. Adjunct Instructor.

  • Designed the structure and chose the course materials in poetry, literature and art for “blended” accelerated humanities course, taught on the web and in the classroom.
  • Used programs such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator to create web pages and in-class presentations.
  • Moderated online and classroom discussions on readings and art history relating to the central theme of the course, “What Does It Mean to be Human?”
  • Looked at works of art in terms of their historical, cultural, psychological, socio-economic and technological influences.

1995-1996 University of Phoenix Online Campus, San Francisco, CA. Faculty Member.

  • Taught first course in Bachelor’s Business Degree Program.  Oriented adults to return to school in the online environment. Training included: techniques for working in online teams and strategies to develop efficient study skills.

 College Teaching in the Classroom

fall 2000. Delaware County Community College. Media PA. Adjunct Instructor in Psychology.

  • Taught General Psychology.

1981-1982, 1986-1987. Rowan University. Glassboro, NJ. Instructor in Psychology.

  • Taught Child Development, Adolescent Development and Human Behavior.

College Counseling and Tutoring

1997-2001. The University of the Arts. Philadelphia, PA. Learning Skills Specialist (part-time).

  • Worked with students to develop creative reading and study strategies. Helped students develop skills in written expression.  Assisted students, with learning disabilities, to obtain academic accommodations.


  • 1991 Certification in School Psychology.  (36 credits above the Master’s Level)  Immaculata College, Immaculata, N.Y.

Trained in psychological assessment, testing and evaluation.

 Online Presentations and Trainings

  • Temple University’s juried online conference on Intellectual Property and Higher Education.
  • Why Train Teachers to Teach Online? April 2, 1997. Participated in Second Annual Online Conference, Teaching in the Community College: Trends and Issues in Online Instruction. Kapi’olani Community College, Honolulu, HI.
  • 1996. Immaculata College, Immaculata PA.
    • Presented two-day workshop on: How the New Information Technology is Changing Our Lives.
  • 1995. Exploring the Internet and Introduction to Online Services. Main Line Night School, Harriton High School, Rosemont, PA.
    • Developed and taught 5-session classes for each of these courses during spring, and updated them in the fall.
  • 1993. Inclusion in Cyberspace: Getting People with Disabilities Online. Closing the Gap Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Authored Articles

    • Searching for Government Funding Sources Online-A Self Help Guide. AIDS PATIENT CARE. February 1988.
    • AIDS Online. AIDS PATIENT CARE. June 1987. (This was the first article published anywhere about online research sources relating to HIV.)

    Professional Continuing Education

    • Fall 2008:  Participated in leading activities in an adult day care facility with individuals displaying various degrees of dementia and impairment from strokes.
    • On-going out-reach volunteer with Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (RB&D) located in King of Prussia, PA. Designed a PowerPoint presentation to educate prospective teachers in college courses on the value of using RB&D services and products.
    • fall 2010, 2009:  Attended WordPress Camp in Philadelphia and NYC.
    • fall 2010:  Attended WHYY Continuing Education Course on “How to Create a Video Documentary” in Philadelphia PA.
    • spring 2011:  Attended Humanity+ conference at Parsons School of Design, NYC.
    • spring 2011: Attended training on Apple video editing program Final Cut Pro at Drexel University in Philadelphia PA.

     Familiar with the following Platforms and Computer Programs:

    • Apple Mac recent operating systems such as Tiger and Snow Leopard.
    • Emulate the Mac as a PC with Parallels
    • PC formats XP and Windows 7.
    • Familiar with Smart Phones such as the i-phone.
    • Knowledgeable about digital books, e-readers such as the Kindle, Nook and pads such as the i-pad.
    Experienced in Using:
    • Mindjet MindManager: a graphic outline program.
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Publisher
    • E-mail clients such as Outlook.
    • Web Browsers such as Safari, Microsoft Explorer, FireFox and Google Chrome.
    • Social networking sites such as Facebook and Linkedin.

    Knowledgable about:

    •  Search Engine usage:  How to do an information search on Google.
    • Ways to evaluate the validity of information found on the Net.
    • How to avoid being duped by e-mail scams and “phishing expeditions.”

    Graphic and Video Expertise:

    • Creating Web Pages and Blogs: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash and WordPress.
    •  Manipulating photos: Adobe Photoshop.
    • Editing video footage: Apple Final Cut Express.
    • In the process of learning a 2D drawing, French animation program “TV Paint.”