My History

cartoon drawing of me with hair that looks like a brain

Brain Training Lady

I develop strategies to achieve successful outcomes with individuals dealing with the special education system, custody issues in divorce proceedings and issues related to cognitive stimulation in older and disabled adults.

Throughout my adult life, I have been  committed to advocating for individuals with disabilities and their families. It began when I was 22 years old and my son was diagnosed with autism. I didn’t know where to turn and felt helpless to find a solution.  Since then, I have served as a professional and as a volunteer to obtain needed educational and medical services for populations with cognitive and physical differences.

Recently I have taught  workshop classes to older individuals and their families interested in Brain Fitness. My presentation focused on the advantages of participating in stimulating cognitive activities and creative endeavors to enhance memory, problem solving and daily living functions.

I work with individuals who have been identified by their families as having developmental delay, brain injury or are beginning to show signs of memory impairment and confusion. Offering appropriate cognitive exercises, I turn daily living tasks into an opportunity for socialization, mental stimulation and creative expression. I use art, writing, music and crafts to motivate individuals to make a connection with their own unique stories.  Using a video camera and an editing program, I am experimenting with ways to integrate the oral telling of family stories, still pictures and current video to increase memory recall.

As part of my work, I make recommendations about different technological devices that can assist individuals to retain employment and daily living functions despite sensory, motor or cognitive loss. I also make suggestions on how to “age proof” the home to insure a safer and more manageable living space.

I am committed to utilizing technology to maximize an individual’s ability to function despite a physical or psychological impairment due to birth, accident or the aging process.

Lois Levine Elman