Our Services

Educational Services To Individuals With Disabilities

We provide personalized trainings for all individuals, including those with learning or physical disabilities, to turn their life experiences into written passages including multimedia presentations, using digital visual and sound expressions. As part of our educational focus, we organize group trainings on various kinds of writing issues such as creating short stories, developing writing ideas, and keeping a daily journal.

Whether a teen writing a college essay or a senior interested in leaving a life-memoir for a grandchild, capturing the essence of what one has to say can sometimes be very difficult. At Potentialities can guide you through it.  We show you some tricks on how to capture your wayward thoughts into a structure that communicates your ideas.

Assistive Devices

If you feel overwhelmed….don’t worry.  There are many techniques and devices you can use to capture your those ideas that seem wonderful when they come into your mind at inopportune times. We teach you how your smart phone, e-pad, or even the ancient paper pad and pencil can become your writing partner.

If your project requires research skills, we can show you how to acquire and interpret the necessary information from data bases, newsletters, magazines and other Internet sources.

Skill Assessment

Whether through online communication, phone or in-person, we will work with you to produce your product to your satisfaction. We will begin with an assessment of your skills based on state-of-the art information obtained through online databases and information services. In this way, we will first develop a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in the area of written expression. Helping you achieve the success you envision, is our goal.