Ode to My Kindle

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Ode to My Kindle

For those tired, myopic eyes and arthritic hands, e-book readers are a wonderful invention. Since Amazon introduced the Kindle, this magical device has been at my side at all times. The fact that I can enlarge the text, has given me the freedom to slide my eye down the screen with consistent ease. My thumb constantly twitches to the beat of screen changes as I hold the metal oracle in the palm of my hand. Feather-light, this remarkable object is the oracle of knowledge, the giver of books.

If my adoration for my Kindle sounds silly to you, then consider this. I am over sixty and I do have trouble seeing printed text which is small, narrowly spaced or on the thin, grayish side with little contrast with the page. Not surprising, this happens to a lot of older folks as they get into their later years. As we age, the eyes like our daily priorities change in focus.

Nothing like going into a bookstore, picking up a book and from the description on the back jacket, it looks “luscious” to read. I picture myself curled up on the couch on the precipice of excitement and then the disappointment comes. Sitting on the paper are symbols so petite, so tightly compacted together and so weakly black that perceiving the text would be real work; like deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs without a cheat sheet.

I consider the ability to read and gain knowledge through the written word to be a great gift that I do not take for granted. Until I entered my 20’s, I couldn’t understand what I was reading. For me reading has always been a sacred act which, like ritual prayer, I practice every day.

Since I have the second edition of the Kindle, I am able to immediately connect with the Amazon store and quickly download any book in their collection. Although surged with guilt, I love to browse in bookstores for that one or two books which cry out to be devoured and then effortlessly, with the press of the small button create a digital download. Poof! Paid and delivered…the books wind up in my Table of Contents on my Kindle, ready for reading. Now I can get a new book anytime, anywhere. For the bookophile that I am, this can be dangerous.

When I first purchased my Kindle and took in public, I got a lot of attention from “fellow book addicts” around me. If I sat reading from my Kindle in a coffee shop, library or train station, I foiled many a question on the benefits reading symbols on paper over digital text. Now when I pull out my Kindle, it is so commonplace that no one blinks an eyelash.

Right now I am hooked but watch out!! Swimming in a sea of e-book reader choices, I may change my direction and choose an e-book platform with improved features such as color and clarity.